An overview of VR and AR, a detailed explanation of the tech devices that make up headsets as well as a comment on the different ethical concerns surrounding the technology.

Take a seat and get cozy, before we start off I would like for you to have a look around for 5 minutes: look at the space you taking up of the room you are in, look at what is surrounding you, how much space you have beneath you and…

The lessons I learned in 2020 are countless, I am a different person with the same core values. However if in 2019 I wasn’t sure what my core values were in 2020 during lockdown I had the tiMe to find these and then choose how to live my life accordingly…

Life’s been on Earth for 3.8 billion years and in that time life has learnt what works, what lasts and how to create a sustainable world. It’s time we learn from it.

Firstly, what is biomimicry?

Biomimicry is innovation inspired by nature, a more expanded definition is also:

Biomimicry is the emulating of natural…

An outline on the State’s role in R&D investments, covid-related recovery funds and climate change as the future reason to lock ourselves up.

I grew up un in Italy where all around me people where often dissatisfied with the government, always criticising it. I often wandered why at my friends’ school the ceiling fell regularly and why there weren’t funds to make sure that it didn’t happen. …

Imagine just how hard designing spring would be? Nature harmoniusly orchestrates this event every year…giving these processes a closer look has revolutionary potential. So, what on Earth are we waiting for?

Photo by Joel Holland on Unsplash

Biomimicry to me is a way of living, a different, nature inspired way of approaching life.

To follow this discipline one must have great respect for nature: accepting that we have flaws and that animals as small as ants could teach us revolutionary lessons requires a new humility.

There are…

Elena Azais

15 yo student curious that writes articles on technologies and mindsets!

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